2 sheep grazing in a grassy field

The importance of knowing your flock’s worm burden

Faecal egg counting is an essential tool for farmers before deciding on an appropriate treatment plan. For sustainable worming, both ewes and lambs should only be treated if a worm burden is present which can be effectively monitored by using faecal egg counts.

May 2022

Liver fluke: what’s the problem?

Livestock farms in the wetter parts of the country will be aware of the damage liver fluke can cause. However, even where the impact on sheep flocks is visible (ie deaths from acute fluke disease), the impact on productivity for both beef and dairy herds, and the impact of subclinical disease in the sheep flock, is often under-estimated.

September 2021

Sustainable worming improves lamb growth rates

A comprehensive, integrated worming programme has delivered better growth rates and healthier lambs for Robin and Mandy Kellett from Parkhill Farm in Northamptonshire, contributing to a more efficient and successful farming enterprise.

August 2021

Targeted Pre-Tupping Nutrition

Knowing the trace element status of your flock at least two months prior to tupping is essential to ensure you have time to correct any problems in time for breeding.

August 2021

sheep in field

Summertime with Mole-LYX

How using our range of buckets can boost sheep fertility and health to maximise your flock's performance through tupping and weaning.

July 2021

blowfly strike

How to prevent blowfly strike

Blowfly strike is a massive problem in UK sheep flocks with 94% of farmers saying they have been caught out, despite products being available to prevent it.

March 2021