Two rats

The true cost of pest control

With rising food costs, escalating fuel charges and increases in energy prices to consider, it can be tempting to look at areas where cutbacks can be made - but is pest control one of them?

October 2022

Time to focus on housing prep

As the nights begin to lengthen it’s time to prepare your cows for their return to winter housing which can present a host of management changes.

October 2022

Dry, cracked riverbed

Surviving the winter and beyond

With the backdrop of the highest inflation rate for 40 years, rising interest rates, difficulty finding labour and the worst drought since 1976, this winter is going to be a real challenge.

October 2022

a chicken inside of a virus image

Avian Influenza Update

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone has been declared in Cornwall, Devon, Isles of Scilly and part of Somerset

September 2022