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Introducing our Cornish Focus Farm

How innovative management systems can support profitable dairy farming and inspire the next generation is what it’s all about at Duchy College’s Future Farm. 

January 2024

Why our nutritionists lead the field

A team of our nutritionists recently returned from a visit to the Netherlands on a fact-finding mission to milk replacer specialists, Nukamel. 

January 2024

Jack Cordery, CEO

Bringing value to our Farmer Shareholders

We look forward to sharing details soon of this year’s Farmer Shareholder loyalty bonus for the financial year 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2023. 

January 2024

Join us for our new Farmer Expo

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new event for our shareholders, members and farming customers.

December 2023

Liver function key to maximising yields on robotic milking systems

Rationing of robotic milking herds needs to ensure liver metabolism, and specifically glucose production, are prioritised to ensure cows can reach their full genetic potential.

November 2023

Edgard & Cooper's sustainable mission

Edgard & Cooper are on a mission to become the world's most sustainable pet food brand and they are proud of their easy-to-recycle packaging that's less burdensome for the planet.

November 2023

Make rumen health a priority for best returns

Looking after the rumen bugs and ensuring good rumen health is the key to efficient production and managing rumen pH is vital. 

November 2023

Prevention is better than cure

A recent survey has revealed almost all cattle producers - 99% - agree preventing disease in youngstock will lead to better later life productivity.

November 2023

Join us to help shape the sector’s future

We’re looking for some of the best and the brightest to join our popular Graduate Training Scheme for a fulfilling and exciting career in the agricultural sector. 

November 2023

Warning over feeding new crop maize

Maize silage is an excellent source of energy, starch and fibre but when fed too early without adequate fermentation time it can affect rumen balance and digestion. 

November 2023